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We are committed to supporting the social, emotional, spiritual, physical, cognitive and language development of each child.
Our Philosophy
At Highland Grove Preschool we strive to create
a peaceful, caring environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and friendships prevail. Our approach to early childhood development is of a holistic nature. We are committed to supporting the social, emotional, spiritual, physical, cognitive and language development of each child.
      Educators work together to provide an environment that is warm, nurturing and promotes a sense of belonging. Our centre is aesthetically appealing and conducive for individual, small and large group activities.
      Each child is a unique individual. Our approach to learning is supportive and collaborative, encouraging the natural inquisitive nature of children as they learn the skills to discover, predict and persevere. Our educator's program experiences through careful
observations which reflect the children's backgrounds, interests and extend their strengths. We intentionally engage the children in stimulating experiences, allowing them to explore, investigate and create in a play-based learning environment.
      At Highland Grove we encourage and foster family involvement by developing partnerships through open communication, consultation and the sharing of information. Our centre enjoys a supportive relationship with the wider community, respecting and celebrating its diversity.
      Highland Grove works in conjunction with the local school communities to support a smooth transition to school for each child and their family. Educators support children to become confident, involved learners and develop skills in literacy and numeracy. Networking between our centre, schools, Early Intervention settings and a variety
of professional and community groups is ongoing.
      Our centre is collaborative in its approach to staff. Each member of the team is respected and valued. Highland Grove is supportive of ongoing educator development and is committed to remaining up to date with current practice, maintaining long term staff and advocating for the wider field of early childhood education.
      We are committed to ongoing sustainability. This is particularly evident in our outdoor environment and the way the educators actively engage the children, inspiring them to become socially responsible and show respect for their natural world.
      Relationships are the key at Highland Grove, amongst the children, families, management and educators. By valuing each and every person, our centre ensures that the setting is approachable, reliable and secure.