Highland Grove’s enrolment process begins by completing a waitlist application.

You can do that simply by completing our online form, downloading the Waitlist Application form, or by ringing us to make an appointment. Kylie or Michelle would love to provide you with a tour of our centre.

Our enrolment process

Many of the enrolments for Highland Grove occur in the September of the year before your child is age eligible to start.

Please note: Children are required to attend a minimum of 2 days per week in the Sunshine Room as per our Enrolment Policy

  • Securing your place

    Kylie contacts families on the waitlist to offer them a place for the following year.

    Families receive an Enrolment email and confirm their enrolment at this time by paying a $88.00 Enrolment Fee.

  • Enrolment pack

    Once the days of attendance are confirmed, families receive an Enrolment Pack in the mail.

    The pack includes a letter of enrolment, which outlines the enrolment process, an Enrolment Form, a “Getting to know your preschooler” Sheet and an Information Booklet.

  • Parent Orientation

    New families are invited to attend our Parent Information Evening in the November. We also ask families to RSVP to one of the Orientation afternoons held for new preschoolers.

    These occur in late November and early December and are a lovely opportunity to experience some of our preschool activities and meet our teachers. At this time the Fee Deposit (bond of 2 weeks full fees) is paid. Families are also asked to bring along a copy of their child’s current Immunization Certificate and Birth Certificate.

  • Start Date

    Most of our new enrolments occur at the beginning of each year, with the children starting preschool in mid-January. Occasionally we do have midyear enrolments and Kylie simply goes to the next child on the waitlist to offer this position.

    The family then receives an individual enrolment, including an orientation visit for the preschooler and their family.

Fee structure

  • Daily Fee

    Highland Grove’s Daily Fee is $120.00 per day for the Starlight (3-4 year olds) and Moonbeam Room (4-5 year olds) and $130.00 per day for the Sunshine Room (2-3 year olds). CCS then comes off this amount and families pay the ‘gap’.

  • Enrolment Fee

    Our enrolment fee is $88.00, which is non-refundable.

  • Fee Bond

    Our Fee Bond is two weeks full fees. (Payable on enrolment and fully refunded when you leave the centre).

  • Re-enrolment Fee

    A payment of $33.00 is made when children move from one room to another at the end of a calendar.

Waitlist Application for Enrolment

    Working or Studying:

    Working or Studying:

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    Highland Grove Preschool provides care and education for 2 to 6 year olds. The centre operates from 8:30am until 4:30pm, 49 weeks per year. Most new enrolment positions commence in January. Eligible families are contacted for these positions during the preceding September. These positions will be offered in accordance with the government Priority of Access Guidelines and application date. Thank you for your application.