Our Rooms

We intentionally engage the children in stimulating experiences,
allowing them to explore, investigate, learn and create.

Sunshine Room (2-3 year olds)

This is a new space at Highland Grove. The building was completed in November 2019.

This bright and welcoming play space, with a separate art studio, adjoins the ‘Sunshiners’ own outdoor environment. The small group size of 15 children per day allows for responsive and intimate small group experiences.

The 4 early childhood educators have specific toddler training and provide warmth, guidance and support the development of a strong sense of wellbeing. The program focuses on engagement for all children, the development of self-help skills, language acquisition and the delight of play.

Starlight Room (3-4 year olds)

There are 20 children attending each day in this north facing room with high ceilings and large glass waving windows. 

The 3 educators working with this cohort each day provide a program rich in opportunities both indoors and outdoors. Group Times and spontaneous play experiences provide the teachers with opportunities to engage the children in music, numeracy, literacy, science and the creative arts.

The Starlight Room team of educators work intentionally with small groups of children, nurturing and building on each child’s confidence, independence and supporting the children’s social development. There is a strong focus on relationships and encouragement of friendships.

Moonbeam Room (4-5 year olds)

This large, airy room provides an inclusive and productive space for 25 preschoolers each day in the year before they attend school.

The ‘Moonbeam’ day includes a combination of free play sessions, both indoors and outdoors, as well as more structured Group Times. In this friendly and supportive setting, the educators work alongside children to develop a keen interest in learning.

Skills in concentration and collaboration are facilitated, whilst each child’s natural curiosity and creativity is encouraged.

The Moonbeam Room teachers promote early literacy, numeracy and skills in preparation for a smooth transition to school.

Highland Grove welcomes visitors to our centre at any time, and we enjoy providing families a tour of our preschool.

Please call us on (02) 4367 6935 for a chat or book in for a tour of our centre.