Our centre is aesthetically appealing and conducive for early childhood learning in individual, small and larger group activities.

High quality early education

The highest possible emphasis is placed on all facets of our centre, including maintaining a safe and aesthetic environment, running an outstanding educational program, providing an extensive range of resources and supporting our dedicated team of early childhood professionals.

Enhancing motor skills and imaginative play

Highland Grove values the opportunity to provide high quality childcare within a well-established early childhood learning environment. The large, natural outdoor play areas and tall shady trees have always been a feature of Highland Grove.

The area also includes a wonderful bike track, complete with petrol pump, signs and helmets, a sensory garden, dry rock garden with water tank and "flexi decks", which include a slide, telescope and steering wheel.

Wonderful resources to enhance gross motor development and imaginative play.


Getting close to nature

The vegie gardens are at the children's height and the water dragon and blue tongue lizard hide quietly in the gardens keeping a sleepy eye on the preschool's rabbit.

At Highland Grove we are continually building upon the outstanding collection of resources, for both our indoor and outdoor spaces.

The centre uses contract cleaners each evening for maximum hygienic practices.

Creative Displays

The children's art work and projects provide creative displays and documentation throughout the centre. Our playrooms have a large locker for each child, as well as a pocket for written communication with each family.


The children bring their own Morning Tea and Lunch to preschool. Highland Grove provides a delicious selection of fruit for afternoon tea.

Highland Grove welcomes visitors to our centre at any time, and we enjoy providing families a tour of our preschool.

Please call us on (02) 4367 6935 for a chat or book in for a tour of our centre.