Reptile Park Visit

  • By: Highland Grove

On Monday 1st of July 2024, in the lead up to NAIDOC Week, the Reptile Park visited Highland Grove Preschool.

Each of the 3 rooms participated in viewing and touching the wonderful Australian animals, learning so much about our local natural wildlife.

Emma and Skye provided the children with wonderful information about each ‘friend’ they brought along.

The children and their educators met many lizards, including ‘Bluey’, the blue tongue, ‘Butt Face’ the shingle back and ‘Hash Brown’ the bearded dragon.

They also mingled with ‘Snowflake’ the beautiful albino corn snake, who only eats one meal per week and ‘Tiny Tim’ the alligator, who balances sticks on his nose to trick the birds into coming close.

‘Kiss’ the olive python was a hit!

This type of python is the 2nd largest in Australia and is camouflaged in the trees by their dark brown back and lighter underbelly.

Olive Pythons feature heavily in Aboriginal dreaming stories.

Kiss was very heavy, but our Tarn was strong enough to hold her.